Landlord and Tenant

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, landlord/tenant disputes can be very frustrating and stressful. A real estate attorney can help eliminate such disputes by advising you of the rights and responsibilities of both parties while reviewing and revising the terms of the lease or rental agreements to make them clear. If, the dispute is inevitable, a real estate attorney can protect your rights during the eviction process or negotiate a settlement agreement between the parties.

How Attorney Kat Zavadskaya can help you:

If you are a landlord, Kat Zavadskaya can:

  • Initiate an eviction process.
  • Draft leases or rental agreements.
  • Ensure compliance with security deposit requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with the health code requirements.
  • Draft notices to tenant.
  • Handle lease violations by tenant.

If you are a tenant, Kat Zavadskaya can:

  • Provide representation if you are facing an eviction.
  • Prepare response to a Notice to Quit.
  • Review terms of the lease.
  • Initiate proceeding against the landlord for housing discrimination.
  • Initiate proceeding against the landlord for unauthorized entry.

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