As a Russian immigrant, attorney Kat Shnayder understands that the immigration process can be very frustrating and complex, which is why she is dedicated to helping you through every step of the way. Attorney Shnayder offers a range of legal services in all areas of immigration; including visa and citizenship law. As a fluent Russian speaker, attorney Shnayder can guide you through the immigration process in both, Russian and English in order to best help you translate legal documents, prepare, and represent you as an attorney during immigration interviews.

How an immigration attorney can help you:

Immigration process is complex, paperwork is time consuming, and filing fees are high. Even the smallest slip-ups in the immigration paperwork can be grounds for the termination of an application. Unfortunately, when this occurs, you lose not only the time spent preparing and filing the application but also all of the fees paid with your application. Working with an immigration attorney from the start can stop minor errors from turning into major problems.

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